Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mary Blair at Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art

The Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art will host "The Colors of Mary Blair", a retrospective exhibit which expands upon the popular "Art and Flair of Mary Blair", the Museum of Cartoon Art - San Francisco exhibit which was so popular in 2007-2008. The exhibit will run from mid-April through mid-July of 2009. This will be the largest collection of Mary Blair's original work ever shown. The exhibit will show work from her early days as a recent alumnus of Chouinard Art Institute and proceed through her career at Disney, her advertising art in New York, and her final psycho-surreal mixed media works completed during her retirement years in Central California.

If you are interested in joining a tour group in mid-June to see the exhibit in Tokyo, please let me know before the end of April. You can email me at:

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Major Pepperidge said...

Very cool! Man, I sure would love to go to Tokyo, and not just because they have their own Disneyland. I assume that your paintings will be included in the Mary Blair retrospective? Hope you get to see them there!