Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More Betty Boop Movie Designs

As per Mitch Kennedy's request, these images show more of the surreal animation ideas that were in the script for The Betty Boop Movie. They were individual moments, though rather than setpieces, so these images were done more quickly and are less well-designed than the others. Koko would have been the wildest character for animation with his ability to morph/stretch. Betty was kind of a sexy muse that would "animate" the world around her - so she would end up dancing with/being chased by/being serenaded by - things that would "come to life".


Mitch K said...

Hey yea! These are great! Now I'm hooked. That big blown up Koko is kind of scary, but then again, I've always found Koko kind of scary anyway. Poor Bimbo.

Okay, now I'm impressed. Thanks! =)

Peter said...

There is no justice in the film industry. After seeing images of Koko inflated and Bimbo snoozing in the foreground give me mixed emotions.
The thought that Bimbo and Koko would get public attention again and be doing the surreal things that made those Talkartoons great makes me so pleased. However, because this film never materialized I can't help but feel angry that the moment of opportunity for the film has passed. No more Richard Fleischer and the saturation of CG animation makes this film now seem like a pipe dream.

le lezard fou said...

really beautiful colors nice mood

The GagaMan(n) said...

Beautiful! How those execs could not see the potential of this movie is beyond me, especially with all that merchandise on the market of the character. She's one of the most well known and popular cartoon character, yet she hasn't been in any cartoons for decades. I really can't help but hate those who run this industry sometimes, when stuff like Happy Feet can get the get go, and yet this cannot.

klahd said...

I don't know a lot about Betty Boop, but I have always been fascinated by the idea of a new movie for her. She strikes me as one of those characters for which a vehicle for her would have to be very sophisticated in order for it to do her justice. And unfortunately, it doesn't appear that studios are interested in sophisticated.

I'd love to see more.

Todd Harris said...

These are incredible pieces. Really like them from the comp to the colors to their mood. Great job on these. They're awesome.

Fred Cline said...

Thanks to Mitch K, Todd Harris, The gagaman(n), and le lezard fou for the kind comments. I've checked out all your websites and I'm humbled by your talents.
To Mitch: Koko always scared me too - clowns in general, really - they are never accountable for their actions. Koko could plunge an icepick into your forehead and then laugh about it and pretend it was part of the act.
To Peter: I think Bimbo was supposed to be embarrassed - or thowing a tantrum - rather than sleeping (my bad). Look for a nostalgic return of 2d in the near future.
To the gagaman(n):
It is better to feel sorry for blind people than to hate them.
To klahd:
You're comment regarding sophistication reminded me of the comments from the studio exec's - they thought Betty was too childish for adult audiences and too sophisticated for children. I suppose they had a point, but Betty's sexuality was never really overt - she was kind of oblivious to it. It was the world around her that couldn't contain itself when Betty was around. That was the whole fun and appeal of Betty Boop.

klahd said...

Exactly, that's why I think that's why her story appeals to me. She's a classic fairy tale waif and a victim of circumstance. And while her cartoon-y visage may seem to childish for adults, I don't think she really is, I think that's a gross underestimation of the audience. I think your earlier comment about the execs statement being a negative way to indicate "broad appeal for a general audience" is right on the money.

If anything, I think audiences would be really impressed with all the content behind Betty's image, especially since the last few decades have been dedicated to dumbing down her image through merchandising.

Nicolas P. Villarreal said...

Hello Fred, I bump into your blog by accident. It looks great.


David Scott Smith said...

Fred! What a coinkidink. Inadvertently found your link through the Cartoon Brew archive.
Betty Boop stuff is killer. Lunch next week? (before Thursday)

Anonymous said...

its Great To See That Bimbo Would have made a Re Appearance

It Seems a Woman is kicking bimbo off the cliff?

im glad that bimbo would have been apart of the movie

becuse fearless fred well he was annoying lol

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Cline, I am a long-time fan of Betty Boop, including slightly of this scrapped 1993 MGM feature film.
Now just to ask you is this: Have you got any more concept art of this movie? I would really love to tell everyone about this!
P.S. I also giving you this link of the petition about the Betty Boop future-release movie. (Which probably might be the same as the 1993 film)
Your’s dearly
Tyler Frederick