Thursday, January 11, 2007

This is a piece I did for a project that I was developing for a feature film based on George Plimpton's children's book. "The Rabbit's Umbrella" I always like the pieces I did for that project, but I never really got a handle on a good way to update the source material - It was "charming" and whimsical, but also was tonally out of step with today's audiences, so I eventually abandoned it. This piece illustrates a moment when a "guardian angel-type mentor-rabbit" appears in a dream to inspire the main character to save a town from money-grubbing developers.
Plimpton's book was illustrated in simple pen-and-ink line drawings by Guy Pene DuBois - a well known cartoonist (New Yorker magazine) from the 1950's (the era of the book's original edition). I wanted to give a rich, dimensional theatrical treatment to the material, so this was an attempt in that direction.


klahd said...

Change money-grubbing developers to Wal-Mart, Starbucks or any other example of out of control corporate personhood and you've got a winner.

Fred Cline said...

Thanks Klahd,
Oops! I just bought a Starbux this morning! I checked out your blog - great stuff, you're an excellent designer.